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'Cause You've Got Personality

A logo is an emblem or symbol that aids the promotion of a brand or organization. My personalized logo is the stamp on the navigation bar of each page of my digital resume and portfolio.

My logo consists of my name in capital letters in front of a transparent M in a different font. This logo adds a bit of my personality to my website. I liked the idea of combining bold letters that grab the readers' attention (my name in capital letters) along with the font for my initial that adds character not only to my logo but to my website as a whole. I found this combination of letters to be aesthetically appealing and I knew that I wanted my initial M as well as my full name included in my logo. I played with the fonts and styles of this logo a lot before I was absolutely sure of one.

I put together this logo using Canva and Adobe PhotoShop. I chose to use two different fonts within my logo. The font used for the M is "Pinyon Script". The font used for my full name is "Josefin Sans." I picked a fancy font for the M because it was bold and stood out behind the sans serif font that would be bland otherwise. I layered the smaller font with my full name in front of the M and set the transparency of the M to 25 percent. The black color used for this logo makes the design look simple yet bold and sleek.